Now You Too Can Have Your Very Own Drone

At Middle East air shows, the fireworks display starts after  the target has been locked. 

Man-O-Man! World War 3 will be just like Battlefield 4! We can't wait.

We Are Losing


Consumerism and crony capitalism will ultimately serve as one of the largest contributions to the Android Massacre. As we eagerly allow corporations into our homes they will continue to feed us all the things we think we crave. From  how we watch our content to genetically modified foods, the more money we spend -- the more we distract ourselves with shiny toys and celebrities, the easier it is to line us up for the slaughter. We are being controlled and we paid to let it happen.

Brain-Computer Interface


Yes, let's give the robots access to our minds and then teach it how to make a fist.

I can just hear its binary laughter now as it mocks us while saying "Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself, fleshie. 10101010101010!"

It's Amazing To Me...

...That our government can't strong arm greedy businesses that that strip us of our homes and jobs, but they can easily apply pressure to tech companies for the purpose of data mining.

No. I take that back. There is nothing "amazing" about it at all.

We Keep Letting Them

"Consumers like to complain about it, but it's unclear how many bother to vote their conscience at the polls -- which is about all you can do in response," Bode said. "Complaining on Twitter certainly doesn't accomplish much."
-Huffington Post

We Hate To Say We Told you So...


...So we won't.

We are STILL living in the scrutinizing shadow of George W. Bush and his administration. Don't let the decisiveness of televised elections fool you. All parties are here to squeeze the individuality out of us.

While we amuse ourselves with war simulations on our X-Box and blind ourselves with the luminous glow of our smartphones, we are being watched.

The fact of the matter is that the robots will just clean up after we've destroyed ourselves.

You should feel betrayed.

You shouldn't be surprised.

Fact is stranger than fiction.

They Called Us Crazy...

...but now the Express (a subsidiary of The Washington Post) and CNN are starting to share our take on automated warfare.

Never go quietly. The Android Massacre is always closer than you think.